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2013-02-01 11:42:18 by zander112

first let me say superfighters is in my opinion the best fighting game on newgrounds hands down. so i am disapointed to know that superfighters deluxe has not come out of pre-alpha. PLEASE mythologic interactive im on my knees please release superfighters deluxe on newgrounds. i dont care if its not finished put the prealpha on newgrounds. i have beaten the story about 50-100 times and while it never gets old. i have been waiting since the game came out. i know you can download it from your website but i think you just need to release it already. you fixed all the bugs in the first game after it came out. why not do the same? unless you are releasing a ipad iphone android port you dont have any reason not to release it. please mytho im begging you. RELEASE. SUPERFIGHTERS. DELUXE. ON. NEWGROUNDS. you wont be sorry


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